Spring 2016 – Guns in the United States (Prof. Andrew Papachristos)

Teaching Fellow

(SOCY 208/SOCY 509/LAW 21020/)
Professor Andrew Papachristos, Professor Tracey Meares

Guns are an important part of American society and culture. With more than 300,000,000 guns held by private citizens and a Constitutional amendment associated with gun ownership, the possession, regulation, meaning, and use of firearms reaches into important realms of American society, including: civil rights and liberties, identity and cognition, crime and violence, and public health and personal safety. This course explores the multifaceted role guns play in the U.S. by surveying historical, sociological, psychological, legal, and political research. From a firm foundation of the historical and constitutional origins of the 2nd amendment, the course will focus on a range of topics around Guns in America, including: the prevalence and distribution of guns; attitudes and opinions about gun ownership, possession and use; illegal and legal gun markets; gun crime and injuries; and the varieties of responses to gun injuries and crime, including, importantly the legislative and political processes that attend their development.

Role: Grader (with contact)
Students: 37

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