Throughout our course in life I believe it is important to remember to “dare to discover.” It is a charge I live by and one I hope to inspire in others, whether as a student, scholar, colleague, mentor, family member or friend.

As a junior fellow with the Center for Cultural Sociology at Yale University, my research interests are informed by a fundamental commitment to the development of social scientific knowledge that at once draws from and builds upon interdisciplinary contact with the fields of anthropology, history, communications and the arts, but also, just as importantly, departs from these fields both heuristically and epistemically. Though the topics of investigation to which I attend cross multiple disciplines, central to all of my research is an underlying question concerning how culture, in its sundry forms, constitutes, orients and shapes individuals and society.

Areas of interest: Cultural sociology, notably topics related to material culture, iconicity, performativity and symbolic interaction; sociology of gender, and ancillary to that, the sociology of science, medicine and the body; sociology of conscience, especially as it relates to intersubjectivity, moral development and social solidarity; sociology of art; and social theory.

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